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Understanding foot injuries

Your feet support the weight of your body. If they are injuried or suffering from any alteration, your whole body will pay the consequences. 

There are many causes for foot injuries, including overstressing the tissue, overworking your feet, and accidents such as stepping on a sharp objet or a bad fall. There are also chronic diseases and affectations of the bones and the connective tissue.

All of these injuries can be prevented, relieved, and often cured.

Providing care and information

You need to stay informed about the best way to take care of the health of your feet. In this website, we keep an active blog with information on which problems could be affecting your feet and how to solve them.

Feel free to search our website and look for the answers to all your questions. If you want to know more, remember that you can contact our team and request more information.

Healthy feet will support a healthy body, so get started today!

What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a foot injury mostly caused by sport activities, and in many cases it takes a lot of time for the body to recover by itself. This is a painful condition that may become chronic, and if the cause is not cleared and proper measures aren't taken, it could stay for years and years. In other cases, patients report that the pain goes away for a few months, and then, seemingly out of nowhere, the pain is back.

About one in ten patients who go to the doctor to get treatment for their plantar fasciitis present some form of chronic pain or afectation of the plantar fascia, which is the tissue affected by this condition.

Plantar fascia is a group of connective fibers that spread from the heel bone, all throught the sole under the skin, and then bury their roots under the toes, connecting the bones with the soft tissue. When we run or walk, these plantar fascia help keep all parts of the foot together when we use them, for example when we jump or sprint, and absorb the impact against the ground. This way, it protects our whole body from the physical impact of these activities. They also act as springs, optimizing our running and walking.

Inflammations of the plantar fascia are among the most common causes of foot pain, especially among runners and other athletes who perform high impact athetic activities and sports. However, this condition may also affect non-athletes, for example people who spend a long time without strong physical activity and then started suddenly. Also, standing for many hours a year can also affect our plantar fascia and injury them.

This is a painful condition that can be treated with inflammation treatment such as cold, exercises to strenghten the plantar fascia, and orthotics. The condition is reversible but if you don't get proper treatment it can become chronic and affect your daily life. Get informed and learn more about plantar fasciitis!

Foot workers for sports injuries

We offer premium quality content that is free to access and open to everyone who wants to learn more about foot health and foot injuries.

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